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Six Years of Birthday Cakes

There is one tradition in our family that I both look forward to and dread, almost equally. It’s the birthday cake. Each year I ask my sons to name a theme for their birthday cake and each year I try to do my best to fulfill it. It’s usually done frantically, the night before the party. And something always goes wrong — I run out of frosting at 1am or I forget to put eggs in the batter. But, it usually turns out in the end.

My first cake was nothing special, a simple guitar theme. I was going for a stratocaster, ended-up with a strato-telecaster hybrid. Gumdrop knobs, licorice strings. (Cullen, age 2)

I stepped things up with multi-colored layers and the use of fondant for this Captain America themed cake. (Cullen, age 3)

Back to frosting here with fondant lettering. The use of mini figures helped bring the theme together. (Cullen, age 4)

The Star Wars theme continues. Simple design, fondant-based cake.My favorite cake. (Cullen, age 5)

Similar cake style to the previous year. The ninja theme was based on the party decorations we bought. (Cullen, age 6)

Ninjago-themed cake. (Cullen, age 7) 

I think this Pittsburgh Steelers cake will signal the start all-sports cakes for the next ten years! This is the first year I used mostly homemade buttercream frosting. (Cullen, age 8)

This is the only cake I am able to show for my son Finn. Most of his cakes have been abject failures! This one was ambitious, a bit sloppy, but fun to build! (Finn, age 4)

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