My name is Kristian Larsen, but everyone calls me by my middle name – Lars. I work full time with a great company called True Process as the Director of Brand and Communication, but I still get my hands dirty doing graphic/brand and illustration. For the past twenty years and I have been involved in digital marketing and communications wearing a variety of hats, including creative director, project manager, front-end programmer, scrum master, and business analyst. I’m fully immersed in Agile methodology and have applied it toward developing FDA-regulated software. I also have a certification in business analysis. Lately, I have been embracing inbound/content marketing and SEO/PPC/SEM.

This is my personal website, a place for me to post occasional thoughts on design, photography, and illustration.

I graduated with a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in both Philosophy and Art History, neither of which has earned me a penny. In my spare time, I run lots of marathons, SCUBA dive, and help run a cool cooperative CrossFit gym.

I do take on some freelance design projects from time to time. Not many, but a few. Contact me if you’ve got something for me.

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